Born and raised in Texas - Ryan 'R. Thies'
is an anomaly. He has no southern accent.
Umm, probably because he's...left-handed.

R. Thies' obsession with '90s cartoons like
Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butthead, and The
, led to the development of his art
style, which he refers to as CARTOONISM.

Since 2002, R. Thies (pronounced ar-teace)
has periodically used the term Cartoonism
as the title for his art exhibitions. He views Cartoonism as both fine art and unfine art; inspired by - Pop Art, Surrealism, Abstract
Art, animated cartoons, comics, comix, etc.

In June of 2015, R. Thies moved from Texas to Washington and currently lives in Seattle. Where he totally 'makes a living' as an artist. 2006-2021.