the Heystacks

The Heystacks is my latest musical endeavor, and currently consists of me and my mannequin compadre, Hanky Heystack.
However, I am looking for other musicians who might want to join the band and start playing hootenannies and hoedowns with me.

Cover art for the first Heystacks album

You can listen to demo tracks on the Heystacks MySpace. I play all instruments and do vocals on the recordings; a taste of material that will be released on the forthcoming Heystacks EP, entitled Yeehaw Fever. Coming out in January 2010 on Yarn Heist Records.


Stubberfoam is the name of my slapstick music/performance art project which consists of me playing acoustic ditties on a hand-painted guitar...with giant foam hands. Sometimes whoopee cushions and a howling rubber chicken are incorporated into the performance...quite comical, oh yes!

I've been popping up randomly in public places since May of 2007 and perform, on occasion, at my art show openings. I am currently editing footage from Denton TX and will be unleashing a quasi-documentary at the end of November '09.

Stubberfoam has received a range of responses from the public; most seem to enjoy the spectacle, others seem irritated and avoid interaction at all costs, while a small handful of people have shouted obscenities at me. Stubberfoam makes for an entertaining social experiment.

Audio samples and additional photos of Stubberfoam in action can be found here:

I'm always looking for photographers and filmmakers who would like to work with me in documenting my escapades. If this may be of interest to you, feel free to get in touch:

Austin, TX - April 2009

Seattle, WA - March 2008

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