Born and raised in Texas, Ryan (R. THIES) Thies is an anomaly of sorts. He has no southern accent. Probably because he is left-handed. Duh. From an early age, Ryan aspired to write about himself in the third person. He found that the best way to nurture this desire was to become an artist - and write an impressive biography.

In high school, Ryan was voted 'Most Likely to Foolishly Think He'll Actually Land a Career in Art, or Maybe Work on Cartoons for Adult Swim'. The future seemed incredibly bright for Thies, and his parents were super supportive of his creative endeavors. As a graduation gift, they kicked 17-year-old Ryan out of their house*.

The next few years were to be tumultuous for teen Ryan...crashing on a friend's couch or staying up all night at and drawing at IHOP when he had nowhere to go. Without a stable living situation, holding down a job was pretty much impossible. The Road to Responsibility was rough for a dreamer like Thies, but he survived.

Working on 'Cocktator' at Texas Woman's University. Denton, TX. August 2008.

Eventually, he started on a Bachelor's degree. An award-winning student in art school, R. THIES was voted 'Most Likely to Drop Out and Reach His Highest Potential - in Food Service'. A financial aid snafu ended his college career, and everybody finally stopped asking him: "What can you 'do' with an art degree??"

Hangin' out at Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum TX. June 2012. Photo by George Wallace III

After thirteen years of participating in group exhibits and displaying his artwork wherever he could around Texas, R. THIES (pronounced ar-teace) moved to the Pacific Northwest. He currently resides in Seattle, where he spends most of his time ‘snapping selfies’ in his swanky art studio..located inside the Space Needle.

*They made up for this by stamping R.THIES on a bunch of quarters while they were employed by the U.S mint, but got caught in '09 and spent time in federal prison for defacing government property

Psuper Psychedelic Pself-Portrait

R. THIES in his favorite yoga pose

R. Thies & His Psuper Psychedelic Pselfie