I started dabbling with acrylic paint in 2006. I was initially frustrated with the medium when I discovered that executing linework with a brush is much trickier than it is with a pen. For my first batch of paintings (2006-2007) I used acrylic for the color and sharpie pens for linework.

In the video above, I demonstrate my H Y P E R C A R T O O N I S M technique, painting at
a mind-blowing speed of 186,263 BPS (Brushstrokes Per Second)! I paint so incredibly fast that most of my real-time recordings are often mistaken for time-lapse video...crazy, huh???

The Yin & Yang of Lowbrow Taoism
Diptych; acrylic on wood panel (2013)

Boogie Licker
Acrylic on board and psychedelic fuzzz (2012)

The majority of my drawings and paintings are available in the form of open-edition prints and posters...if you are interested in purchasing something like that, don't be afraid to contact me!

Caveman Garglescarf
Acrylic on Wood Panel (2009)

This website is an ongoing work in progress - nowhere near completion - but the handful o' paintings shown on this page should give you a teeny taste of the stuff that I typically create.

Hairy Bunny (with Snot Bubbles)
2oin x 20in; Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

In 2008, I decided to give the brush another whirl, and since then, all of my paintings have been done entirely in acrylic.

Big Cheese
10in sq; Acrylic on Canvas (2012)

R. Cupid paints a perfect match! February 2013

Two Waning Moons Engaged in Mundane Conversation
Acrylic paint and Werewolf Tears on Wood Panel (2012)

Artwork © Ryan 'R. Thies' Thies.