Einstein's Epiphany
24in x 24in; Acrylic on canvas (2016)

In the video below, I demonstrate my H Y P E R C A R T O O N I S M technique, painting at
a mind-blowing speed of 186,263 BPS (Brushstrokes Per Second)! I paint so incredibly fast that most of my real-time recordings are often mistaken for time-lapse video...crazy, huh???

Boogie Licker
9in x 12in; Acrylic on Board & Psychedelic Fuzz (2012)

Caveman Garglescarf
9in x 12in; Acrylic on Wood Panel (2009)

Turnips, Ma!
24in x 24in; Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

The Yin & Yang of Lowbrow Taoism
12in x 18in Diptych; acrylic on wood panel (2013)

Volcanic Symmetry
Acrylic & Marker on Masonite Panel (2007)

Here's a handful of paintings I've created since 2006

I sign my art as 'R. Thies' because it sounds like artiste LOL

Blue Hairy Bunny
12in x 12in; Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

Hairy Bunny (with Snot Bubbles)
20in x 20in; Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

Heel-Clicking Flatulator
24in x 24in; Acrylic on Canvas (2016)

Big Cheese
10in x 10in; Acrylic on Canvas (2012)

I'm kind of an obsessive perfectionist, and tend to revisit my images. Not because I'm running out of ideas or anything, but in order to make them bigger and/or better. For example:

(Bigger) Big Cheese
24in x 24in; Acrylic on Canvas (2015)

R. Cupid paints a perfect match! February 2013

Two Waning Moons Engaged in Mundane Conversation
12in x 12in; Acrylic & Werewolf Tears on Wood Panel (2012)

Artwork © Ryan 'R. Thies' Thies.