*If you've already written me off as just an artist or cartoonist, you will probably disregard my musical endeavors altogether. I am not a musician by any means, BUT...I am a rock star ;)

My current project is The Heystacks. Ultimately, I envision this band's sound as a cross between The Cramps, Nirvana, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Spinal Tap - a goofy subgenre I like to call Barnyard Garage Punk. Mid-sixties meets early nineties, basically.

I began writing Heystacks riffage and recording crappy demos in 2009, but it wasn't until the summer of 2012 that I got the opportunity to record anything I would consider substantial.

Album cover for Rattlesnake Shake

Album back for Rattlesnake Shake

The first funofficial Yarn Heist release is the Rattlesnake Shake single. You can download RATTLESNAKE SHAKE off the Heystacks bandcamp page for just 90 cents - 90's sense!

Lyrics I wrote and the album art I created for "Rattlesnake Shake"

It was not until after we recorded Rattlesnake Shake that I discovered both Motley Crue and Fleetwood Mac had already written songs bearing the same name, years before. My instincts must be in tune with the collective rock & roll consciousness, or something! I created a music video for "Rattlesnake Shake" which consists of animated sequences and live-action footage.

The Heystacks - Rattlesnake Shake (Music Video) from R. Thies on Vimeo.

Yarn Heist is an anagram for Ryan Thies, of course, and I started up this lil record label to exclusively release my own musical dabblings. Hopefully, you're okay with that!

We do a totally trashed out Troggs tune, WILD THANG. Yes, you can download our version - FOR FREE - here!

With any luck, we'll be getting together again at some point over the summer to record a full-length album. I've already created artwork for the next Heystacks single.

Album cover for future heystacks release

Prior to the (((RATTLESNAKE SHAKE))) phenomenon, I was the frontman in a short-lived psycho garage rock & roll quintet known as R. Thies & His Awkward Buttlers We played five shows and put out a six-song cassette. If you would like to delve into that...you know what to do!

Artwork © Ryan Thies.