Bold colors, solid linework, checkerboards and abstracted body parts are all characteristics of my style, which I somewhat jokingly refer to as Cartoonism. At some point though (2004), my style went through puberty and started getting hair where there had been none before...whoa! I somewhat seriously refer to these stubbletastic works as Pubism (it's a subgenre). Enjoyyy!


Normally, I use a combination of Sharpies, Pilots, Microns and Prismacolor pencil/markers. When I'm kinda going for that 'super flat color' thang, I'll bust out my Wacom drawing tablet.

"The Fractalization of Woody Woodpecker"

All of my artworks are - hypothetically - available in the form of open-edition prints & posters. There's not a big enough demand for my art to actually keep much of anything in stock, but hey, if you're interested in something like that...just contact me and i'll definitely hook ya up!

"Hairy Bunnies" in classic Warholian pop formation

"The Pentarchical Conception (of Sight)"

"The Complacent Frustrations of Telepathic Tongue-Twisters Expressing Melancholic Prenatal Thought"

If you wish to travel further into the crazy rabbithole of cartoony weirdness...just click below!

"The Depressive Suppression of Reciprocal Happiness"


"Enlight Bulb"


Haretic was inspired by the fifteenth Major Arcana of the Tarot. The Devil card. Hopefully (one of these lifetimes), I might actually finish designing an entire Tarot deck, which consists of 78 cards. One down...just seventy-seven to go! I suppose in the meantime, I'll just keep reading these silly books on Occult Science, Mysticism and Symbology...not!

"Thought Dog"

Artwork © Ryan 'R. Thies' Thies.