"The Fractalization of Woody Woodpecker"

So here's a handful of completed drawings, old stuff mixed in with the new. Nowadays, I use a combination of Sharpies, Microns, and Stabilo pens. Also, colored pencils...and, occasionally, Photoshop.

"The Depressive Suppression of Reciprocal Happiness" (2004)

"Caterwaulian Nonsense" (2017)

I somewhat jokingly refer to my peculiar flavor of work as Cartoonism:

I recently tried drawing Kermit the Frog, but..it didn't turn out so well :/

Kermit the Krog (2017)

Digital version of "Big Cheese" (2012) Partially inspired by a song on Bleach by Nirvana

"The Pentarchical Conception of Sight"

At some point, my style went through puberty and started getting hair where there had been none before...whoa! I somewhat seriously refer to these stubbletastic works as Pubism (it's a subsubgenre). Enjoy

"Hairy Bunny (with Snot Bubbles)" Digital version (2015)

"Cocktator" Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper (2004)

"By the Power of...Grayscale?" (2012)

"Thought Dog" digital version (2014)

"Derp Surfin' Duder" (2017)

"The Complacent Frustrations of Telepathic Tongue-Twisters Expressing Melancholic Prenatal Thought" (2004)

"Extrapedestrial" digital version (2015)

"A Perfect Match" digital version (2013)

"Rebirth Anxiety" Ink & Marker on Paper (2003)

"Floral Contortion" (2005)

If you happen to like any of these drawings, there's a good chance that I have either prints or postcards of them available for purchase on Etsy

"Haretic" Ink & Colored Pencil pn Paper (2005)

Artwork © Ryan 'R. Thies' Thies.