WARNING: Some of the animated videos on this page may not be suitable for KIDS

Oh, and I apologize in advance for any pixellated poor video quality; I still haven't mastered the perfect video compression for uploading content to the internet. SORRY

I'd like to have a Cartoonism art exhibit consisting entirely of motion-activated craziness.

"The Arrival & Departure of Inspiration" (2008)

The Toke Before Christmas (2009)

Here is a yuletide parody. I unleashed this one just before Christmas in 2009, after working on the animated short sporadically for a little over a year. Then, in 2010, The Toke was accepted into the Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Animation Festival. To be honest, I'm not completely satisfied with the narration I recorded for it, and would like to re-record that later.

Three Little Pigs (2011)

Well, I decided to save the absolute worst for last. As far as over-the-top, super wacky, ultra pervy animated shorts go...I think this one takes the cake! A strange spin on the hairy tale classic, The Three Little Pigs. Yeah, that Big Bad Wolf is totally up to no good. He'll huff and he'll puff alright...and, incidentally...a little bit of BLOWIN' might be involved, too!

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Diarrhea Diaries (2007)

"Diarrhea Diaries" is the first animation I ever created, with a little Flash assistance from my friend, Jon Painter. I uploaded this to YouTube in '07 and it was deleted within a month... probably due its display of superhero genitalia. The original, uncensored version of 'Diarrhea Diaries' is still up on Funny or Die; the DD 'trailer' still exists on YouTube. It has 2 MILLION+ views??

Perturbed Pizza (2007)

If you were ever wondering what happens when you put a few drops of LSD on a slice of pizza...

Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer (2012)

After the overly underwhelming success of The Toke Before Christmas, I felt like there was no choice but to make more of these satirical stoner stupidities. I have a few more parodies in various stages of completion. I'd like to produce a thirty-minute Stoner Christmas Special..EVENTUALLY

Jingle Balls (2008)

The Heystacks - Rattlesnake Shake (2013)
Partially animated music video that I created for my band's trash hit single, "Rattlesnake Shake"

Artwork © Ryan Thies.