Once upon a time, I worked at B4, a collectible store in Deep Ellum, Texas.

There's a pretty great selection of vinyl at B4. "From Abba through Zappa...we have a lot of records for not being a record store." -Sam (B4 Shopowner)

Ear-Piercing Punk is a favorite of mine. Released on Trash Records in 1979, this 'protopunk' compilation is pure garage - with a lil splash of rockabilly.

My favorite tunes on that are: "(Your Love is Like A) Magnet" Age of Reason
"I Feel Like Crying" The Sound Extraction | "I Need Love" The Third Booth

I made this Top 9 Vinyl List - some cool records I came across at B4 in 2014:

Ear-Piercing Punk | The Troll - Animated Music | Alice Cooper - Easy Action | The Cramps - Psychedelic Jungle | Pinkiny Canandy | Pink Floyd - Relics | Chocolate Watchband - The Inner Mystique | Nirvana - In Utero | Tommy James & The Shondells - Crimson & Clover

R. Thies & His Foul-Tempered Art Agent (Suck MaDuck) at B4. June '14. Photo: Sam Thompson

Here's a webisode of Artners in Crime, where I take a lil trip to B4 (in Deep Ellum) with my esteemed lowbrow colleague, Miguel 'Mad Miggy' Aguilar.

During the 2014 Deep Ellum Gallery Walk, I set up my easel at B4 and demonstrated my miraculous ability to paint - while wearing a blindfold.

R. Thies & His Better Half (Leggy Sue) at B4. September'14. Photo by: Sam Thompson

Below is a video (with subtitles) of a fun exchange I had with this older couple, who were debating whether I was a real person or not...until I jumped around and scared them! [ Watch it on Vimeo to see the time-lapse painting portion. ]

SUCK MaDUCK gave me this sweet record birthday gift of PSYCHOCANDY:

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B4 is one big time machine; we travel 'back to the future' at a mind-blowing rate of 88 miles per SQUARE FOOT!!

Q: Are we not Fun? A: We are Wacko!
Hangin' out with Mr. Ronald McDonald in the Toy Department - at B4

When your flux capacitor is on the fritz and you've run out of Plutonium...the Magic Lamp is an excellent quick fix ®

Hulk Smash?? No thanks! Hulk Hand Fist Bump Selfie ®

Cartoonism Art Comedy Fun: Live Painting with R. Thies!

R. Thies: Multimedia Comedian. Armed with a slew of paints, props/noisemakers and deliberately dumb jokes.

So I did some basic math, and discovered that I would be turning 33⅓ on December 30th, 2014. Naturally, I threw a little record birthday arty at B4 that evening to celebrate.

Pro Artist Observation: Acrylic paint takes forever to dry.

Giving my painting a blow job...if ya know what I mean!

I didn't forget to make a wish, nope!
It was a cool gig while it lasted...thank you, Sam <3

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